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Communication and identification of DNA based fungal species
TH004662: Tuber P. Micheli ex F.H. Wigg. | SH617292.07FU

Distance to the closest SH: <0.5
No. of sequences in SH: 1

Placement in the fungal classification
Fungi; Dikarya; Ascomycota; Pezizomycotina; Pezizomycetes; Pezizomycetidae; Pezizales; Tuberaceae
Index Fungorum: urn:lsid:indexfungorum.org:names:5629

Representative sequence: KP276269
Chosen by: automatically by the program
Date: 2013-11-19

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Accession numberUNITE taxon nameINSD taxon nameSequence sourceInteracting taxaSampling area<.  Alignment  
**KP276269TuberTuberaceae (uncultured Tuber)Pinus muricataUnited States              -------------------cctgcggaaggat-----cattattataatgc-gtggaaatg-cccc-----------taataagggcatactctataaaactctaaacttactgtctgagaaggccatgtgccgtaatctttaaacattttaaaactttcaacaacggatctcttggttctcgcatcgatgaagaacgcagcgaaatgcgataagtaatgtgaattgcagaattcagtgaatcatcgaatctttgaacgcacattgcgccctttggtattccatagggca----tgnctgttcgagcgtcactaacaaccccatca-cataatagtgtggtattggcagaagtgggtagggct-agc-----agtgc-tggccccactctgctggaatg---aataggccggaaatgcagaccatggcaacaaactttcagagtat-tttga-aat-gctaa-attagtttgg-ag--ctggtcagaat-ccaggcca-ttgga-cccccattctgtgtaaagcagtaat-----------------------
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