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rDNA ITS based identification of Eukaryotes and their communication via DOIs

NordForsk is thanked for providing a solid basis for exchange between the scientists involved in UNITE by sponsoring the network Identification and Ecology of Ectomycorrhizal fungi 2003-2007.

The Nordic Forest Research Co-operation Committee (SNS) is thanked for granting the integrated UNITE project "SNS-92: Identification of ectomycorrhizal fungi in nordic forests".

Fiktor and Bomb Mediaproduktion are acknowledged for the UNITE logotypes.

The 2005 database version was built on Taxonomer data model (R.L. Pyle, 2004, Phyloinformatics 1: 1-54). In later versions the data model has been developed further by adding new modules and tables.

We thank all researchers who collected, identified and provided fruitbodies for the DNA extraction, submitted sequences to UNITE, or added third-party annotations to INSD sequences.