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rDNA ITS based identification of Eukaryotes and their communication via DOIs
Advanced Analyses

UNITE advanced analyses can be run as EOSC-Nordic services. These include: SH matching, ITSx, massBLASTer, PROTAX-fungi
Login is required to run advanced analyses on PlutoF platform. Alternatively, stand-alone versions of these services are available from GitHub (more info here).

Simple Analyses

... and choose analysis options:

Output style Regular mode option
Datasets to include:

* Limit of 10 sequences will be kept on public analysis page. Registered users can run massBLASTer and other analyses on larger datasets.

... and choose analysis options:

Datasets to include:

* Redundant (identical) sequences have been removed from blastn reference datasets.

Map SH taxonomy, EcM lineage(s) and interacting taxa to your SH codes.
Example input format:

 SH DOI   Distance threshold   Taxonomy   EcM lineage(s)   Interacting taxa