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rDNA ITS based identification of Eukaryotes and their communication via DOIs
UNITE database is hosted by PlutoF platform

PlutoF provides cloud database and computing services for the taxonomical, ecological, phylogenetical, etc. research. The purpose of the platform is to provide synergy through common modules for the classifications, taxon names, analytical tools, etc.

It allows to address integrated questions in ecology and coevolution of taxa. Different types of the species occurrences, viz. preserved specimens, DNA sequences, human observations, references can be stored in PlutoF as well. PlutoF has no restrictions on taxon and geographic coverage and therefore can be used for the databasing interacting taxa. It also includes collection management module.

PlutoF allows its users to:
  • manage their research studies with original sampling schemes by adding information on locality, habitat, and soil;
  • manage taxon occurrence records based on herbarium specimens, living cultures, human observations, references, and DNA sequences;
  • use the PlutoF analysis module to examine molecular sequence data and their associated metadata. These include massBLASTer, ITSx, and SH assigner;
  • manage classifications, names of the taxa, and scientific collections.

An important addition is the possibility to annotate and analyse fungal ITS sequences originating from International Nucleotide Sequence Databases (INSD). The INSD dataset is updated on regular basis and all sequences are divided into studies linked to their original references. Any annotation made to the INSD dataset (e.g., locality, habitat, soil, species identifications, and interacting taxa) will be made publicly available to the research community on UNITE homepage.

Login to PlutoF platform here.